Title Author Year Summary File
Interviewing the interviewers: a study of the Queensland Speaks Oral History Project Danielle Miller & Maree Stanley 2011
Oral history evidence and the literature gap in researching contemporary political history Chris Salisbury 2012

Paper to Australian Historical Association ‘Connections’ Conference, University of Adelaide, 9-13 July 2012

Queensland Speaks: a progress report Roger Scott & Peter Spearritt 2010

Published in the Australasian Parliamentary Review, 25/1, Autumn 2010, pp 49-53

Queensland Speaks: the case for digital listening Maree Stanley 2010

Published in the Oral History Association of Australia Journal, 32, 2010, pp.24-27

“Like all union things, blood was shed”: conflict in Queensland’s industrial landscape Chris Salisbury, Marion Stell & Peter Spearritt 2014

Paper presented by Dr Chris Salisbury at the Australian Historical Association’s ‘Conflict in History’ Conference, University of Queensland, 7-11 July 2014.