Clyde Gilmour

Interviewed by
Roger Scott & Ann Scott
Sep 23 2009
Clyde Gilmour
Time Summary Keywords
00:00:00 Clyde Gilmour discusses the effects of the Depression on educational outcomes. He recalls his early education, attending Industrial High School for Boys and completing a fitting and turning apprenticeship with the Brisbane Tramway Trust. Later he enlisted in the Air Force, where he moved to Winnipeg in Canada to study further.
00:04:01 Clyde Gilmour discusses his career following the end of the war, completing an engineering degree with honours. He recalls his appointment as Principal of Central Technical College where he spent five months travelling to gain a understanding of initiatives in technical education. education reform, Jack Pizzey, Joh Bjelke-Petersen
00:07:29 Clyde Gilmour discusses how overseas travel challenged his way of thinking about education and discusses how education was restructured in Queensland, starting with the Committee on Advanced Education. He explains how recommendations from the committee led to the establishment of technical colleges. Education Committee, education reform, Jack Pizzey, Queensland University of Technology
00:08:49 Clyde Gilmour discusses his relationship with the Director General of Education, Herbert Watkin and discusses the QUT Gardens Point campus. He recalls the restructuring of tertiary education during this time. Bill Wood, education reform, Jack Pizzey
00:11:08 Clyde Gilmour explains how he became Deputy Director General of Education and later Director General of Education. He discusses the transition from running tertiary education to running an educational system responsible for primary school education and beyond. Archibald Guymer, Education Department, education reform
00:12:35 Clyde Gilmour recalls a visit from the Governor after he had received objections from some religious groups to the MACOS program in schools. Dick Warry, James Ramsey, MACOS, religion, Sex education
00:16:45 Clyde Gilmour recalls a meeting with the Premier and a group who were opposed to MACOS teaching in schools. He recalls that Gordon Chalk announced prior to an election the funding of pre-school education to the surprise of the department. Archibald Guymer, Bill Gunn, education, Gordon Chalk, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Llew Edwards, MACOS
00:20:22 Clyde Gilmour discusses the selection process for directors general and school inspectors. Dick Warry, directors general, Gerald Ashby
00:21:36 Clyde Gilmour discusses the various ministers and members of the department that he worked with throughout his career, Jack Pizzey, Bill Gunn, Val Bird, Lin Powell and Ian Matheson. Bill Gunn, Education Department, Jack Pizzey, Lionel Powell, Val Bird
00:23:58 Clyde Gilmour discusses his experiences with the Ahern committee, and describes the relationship between himself and Mike Ahern. He recalls the presentation of the Ahern committee report during parliament. Dick Warry, Education Committee, George Berkeley, Mike Ahern
00:27:54 Clyde Gilmour discusses his time as Chairman on the Queensland Council of Aging including seniors week and the introduction of seniors awards.  ageing, Allan Male, Joh Bjelke-Petersen
00:31:38 Clyde Gilmour discusses his time as Director General and his working relationship with various ministers and the process of policy implementation. ministerial staff, relationship with ministers
00:32:49 Clyde Gilmour comments on the pressure groups within education and how Minister Lionel Powell dealt with this pressure. He describes the nature of his relationship with Lionel Powell and recalls a National Party dinner that he attended with Val Bird. Education Department, Lionel Powell, Val Bird
00:35:22 Clyde Gilmour discusses the budgetary pressures on the Department of Education and how the relationship with Treasury has changed in recent years. budget process, Education Department, Leo Hielscher
00:37:11 Clyde Gilmour discusses the development of technical colleges and the support of Jack Pizzey in this decision. education reform, Jack Pizzey
00:39:11 Clyde Gilmour comments on Aboriginal education during the Bjelke-Petersen era. He discusses the difficulties introducing a common language for a reading scheme due to language differences. Archibald Guymer, education, education reform, Indigenous issues, Torres Strait Islanders
00:43:20 Clyde Gilmour reflects on various social changes to the role of education in Queensland society, which he explains manifests as an increased emphasis on university education and a lack of respect for trade education. education
00:46:03 Interview ends.