Keith De Lacy

Interviewed by
Robin Sullivan and Rodney Sullivan
Dec 12 2012
Keith De Lacy
Time Summary Keywords

Keith De Lacy provides an overview of his family background and his various career pathways.

Australian Institute of Company Directors, Cairns, Papua New Guinea, Ray Jones

Keith De Lacy speaks about the role that politics had in his early family life and his reasons for joining the Labor Party, including his family's use of 'collective solutions' to cope during The Depression years.

Tobacco Growers Cooperative

Keith De Lacy talks about his election as member for Cairns. He comments briefly on the role of factions within the Labor Party.

Cairns, Ray Jones

Keith De Lacy speaks in general terms about his political career and his reputation as a leader within the party.


Keith De Lacy discusses factions within the Labor Party and his factional involvement.

David Hamill, factions, Paul Braddy, Wayne Goss

Keith De Lacy speaks about the difficulties of being in Opposition. He provides general commentary on the ideological and policy underpinnings of the Labor Party and National Party.

Ray Jones, socialism

Keith De Lacy discusses becoming Treasurer in 1989 and describes the challenges associated with being a politician. He outlines the spending priorities of the Goss Government.

conservatism, Goss Government 1989-96, Treasury, Wayne Goss

Keith De Lacy recalls delivering a speech criticising the fiscal management of the previous government and the media fallout from this speech. He comments on the role of the Office of Cabinet during the Goss era.

Cabinet Office, Goss Government 1989-96, Kevin Rudd, Treasury

Keith De Lacy discusses the relationship between the state and federal government. He describes the role of the Grants Commission in dispersing federal funds.

Bob Hawke, koala habitat, Paul Keating

Keith De Lacy discusses some of the reforms adopted by the Goss Government on public money spending and comments on strategies.

Goss Government 1989-96, Treasury

Keith De Lacy discusses the privatisation of Suncorp. He talks about his involvement implementing the Government Owned Corporations Act.

Government Owned Corporations Act, privatisation, Suncorp Metway, Treasury, unions

Keith De Lacy describes how Henry Smerdon become Under Treasurer. He makes some general comments about interaction between ministers and departments.

Gerard Bradley, Henry Smerdon, Kevin Rudd, relationship with ministers, relationship with public service, Treasury

Keith De Lacy discusses the role of the department in developing policy. He comments on relationships with other departments.

Expenditure Review Committee, policy development

Keith De Lacy describes the role of ministerial staff in developing policy during his time as Treasurer and today.

Expenditure Review Committee, media, ministerial staff, policy development, Treasury

Keith De Lacy describes his greatest achievements as continuing to run the State with good fiscal management. He cites the development of the Cairns Convention Centre as his greatest achievement. He describes how the development of the James Cook University campus in Cairns away from the centre of town is his biggest regret.

Cairns, Government Owned Corporations Act, James Cook University, Treasury

Keith De Lacy discusses his disappointment at losing the election in 1996. He speaks about the challenges to today's politicians. He recalls a story about Bob Menzies.

Goss Government 1989-96, media, Robert Menzies

Interview ends