Scott Prasser

Interviewed by
Chris Salisbury
Dec 14 2010
Scott Prasser
Time Summary Keywords
00:00:06 Scott Prasser states he was born 26 April 1954, in Ipswich Queensland. Attended primary school at Leichhardt State School in Ipswich, West End State School in Townsville, East Ipswich State School in Ipswich, secondary education at Ipswich Grammmar School. Completed BA and Master of Public Administration at University of Queensland, and PhD Griffith University (2004). Ipswich
00:00:49 Scott Prasser describes his work as a research officer, and his recruitment to the Queensland public service in 1980 in the policy unit of the Department of Welfare Services. John Hodges, Terry White, Welfare Services
00:03:11 Scott Prasser discusses the origin of the Beattie Government's Smart State strategy, including its origins pre-Beattie, and his personal preference for the term 'Innovative state'. Smart State
00:05:28 Scott Prasser outlines Beattie's drive regarding Smart State and his involvement with the Vice-Chancellor at University of Queensland John Hay in the biotechnology project. John Hay, Smart State, University of Queensland
00:07:17 Scott Prasser decribes the effect of the Smart State policy in departments he was associated with including State Development, and the establishment of the International Science and Technology Unit. He describes the creation in the second Beattie Government of the Department of Innovation under Minister Paul Lucas, and its contribution to Science Week. He discusses the production of the Smart State Initiatives booklet and the relabelling of programs under Smart State. Innovation, Paul Lucas, Smart State, State Development Department
00:11:09 Scott Prasser outlines his view on the problems of the modern public service and its lack of frank dialogue, and the imposition of top down policies. He states that public servants are preoccupied with survival, growing and empire building.
00:18:16 Scott Prasser discusses issues surrounding whole of government initiatives.
00:22:04 Scott Prasser outlines Queensland's transformation from agricultural economy and tourism to resources based and service economy.
00:24:29 Scott Prasser describes Brisbane as still being a 'branch office state', with an infrastructure crisis. Brisbane
00:29:36 Scott Prasser outlines his views that politicians' agendas are more focused on staying in office than on policy.
00:33:20 Scott Prasser claims that the public service is too politicised and people who work in minister's offices are too young and inexperienced.
00:35:28 Scott Prasser claims his greatest achievement was stopping Queensland bidding for the Australian Synchrotron, subsequently won by the Victorian government and opened in 2007. Synchrotron
00:37:04 Interview ends.