Pat Weller

Interviewed by
Roger Scott & Danielle Miller
Dec 03 2010
Pat Weller
Time Summary Keywords
00:00:08 Pat Weller discusses his involvement with government inquiries in the 1970s, and the nature of Queensland politics in the 1980s, including the extremes of the Bjelke-Petersen Government, the Fitzgerald Inquiry and the rise of a new, young Labor Party. Bjelke-Petersen Government 1968-87, corruption, Fitzgerald Inquiry, Police
00:04:07 Pat Weller outlines the establishment of the federally funded Centre for Australian Public Sector Management, its relationship with the state government, and the development of federal and Queensland cabinet handbooks. Ahern Government 1987-89, Cabinet
00:08:26 Pat Weller discusses the leadership changes in the National Party at the end of the 1980s in the context of the Fitzgerald Inquiry. He discusses the development of public sector policy, the distrubution of shadow portfolios, and the creation of the PSMC as the corollary of the CJC and EARC. Ahern Government 1987-89, Cooper Government 1989, corruption, Criminal Justice Commission, EARC, Fitzgerald Inquiry, Glyn Davis, Kevin Rudd, Mike Ahern, Public Sector Management Commission, Russell Cooper, Wayne Goss
00:13:02 Pat Weller recalls his involvement with the transition team that oversaw Labor's move into government after the 1989 election, including the creation of new public service departments and the management of cabinet business. 1989 election, Cabinet, Goss Government 1989-96, Keith De Lacy, Regional Development
00:20:23 Pat Weller discusses taking up the position of chair of the Corrective Services Commission in 1994, and the purpose and function of the Commission. Boggo Road Gaol, Borbidge Government 1996-98, Corrective Services Commission, Goss Government 1989-96, Paul Braddy, Russell Cooper
00:27:26 Pat Weller discusses his time with the CSC, focusing on the issues surrounding Indigenous people and prisons, the involvement of the CSC in planning new prisons, and the privatisation of prisons. Corrective Services Commission, Goss Government 1989-96, Indigenous issues, prisons, privatisation
00:32:14 Pat Weller discusses the initial decision to create the CSC following a series of incidents at Boggo Road Gaol, and the factors that led to its failure, including a lack of public interest. Boggo Road Gaol, Cooper Government 1989, Corrective Services Commission, deaths in custody, Goss Government 1989-96, prisons, privatisation, Russell Cooper
00:37:01 Pat Weller discusses his withdrawal from government posts during the Borbidge and Beattie governments and his return to head up a review of government boards, committees and statutory authorities in 2008. Bligh Government 2007-12
00:41:58 Interview ends.