Nic Bos

Interviewed by
Sue Yarrow
Mar 05 2013
Nic Bos
Time Summary Keywords

Sue Yarrow introduces Nic Bos, outlining his working and ETU activities as well as his ALP involvement in the years leading to intervention.


Nic Bos outlines his early family life and friendship with Bob Henricks and other members of the ETU

Bob Henricks, Col Emery, ETU, Goss Government 1989-96, Ken Vaughan, Neal Kane, Neville Warburton

Nic Bos discusses joining the ETU and attending Trades and Labor Council meetings for the ETU. 

Jack Egerton, Trades and Labor Council

Nic Bos discusses his relationship with Neal Kane and visiting country towns as a union organiser with Kane in the 1970s.

ETU, Fred Whitby, Neal Kane

Nic Bos discusses his plan in 1969 to start as a temporary organiser and work up in the hierarchy of the ALP office but instead started as a temporary union official.

ETU, Gerry Jones, Ray Dempsey, Tom Burns

Nic Bos discusses joining the Young Labor Association and the formation of the Inala Young Labor branch. 

Doug Sherrington, Young Labor

Nic Bos discusses working in the ALP office and the ALP factions. 

AWU, factions, Roma

Nic Bos discusses the Vietnam War.

Vietnam War

Nic Bos discusses Jack Egerton and the knighthood he accepted.

Jack Egerton, Jim Killen

Nic Bos discusses working for the ETU in Mackay, and site conditions at Moura Coal mine and in Moranbah.

ETU, Jack Egerton, Mackay

Nic Bos discusses the attitude to Jack Egerton and others including Arch Bevis, Tom Chard, Neal Kane, Fred Whitby and Tom Burton.

Archie Bevis, Fred Whitby, Jack Egerton, Neal Kane, Tom Burton, Tom Chard

Nic Bos discusses the ALP stand on issues such as the moratorium, and his active role with the Gerry Jones in sabotaging the fence at Ballymore Park during the Springboks anti-apartheid campaign before the game was moved to the Exhibition Grounds. 

Gerry Jones, Springboks Rugby tour 1971, Vietnam War

Nic Bos discusses the electoral success of the ALP through the 1960s and the frustration with the Queensland gerrymander. 

Ernie Adsett, gerrymander, Jack Houston, Whitlam Government 1972-75

Nic Bos discusses the change of leadership in the ALP to Perc Tucker in 1974 who challenged Bjelke-Petersen to an early election and lost.

1974 election, Jack Houston, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Percy Tucker, Tom Burns

Nic Bos discusses the influence of the ETU within the ALP.

Bill D'Arcy, ETU, QTU

Nic Bos reflects on the changes to ALP membership under the leadership of Whitlam and the support for issues such as abortion.

abortion, Gough Whitlam

Nic Bos discusses the allocation of safe seats in the ALP.

Jack Egerton

Nic Bos discusses the AWU re-affiliation with the ALP, his first trip to Barcaldine and the decision to push for a new monument and the Workers' Heritage Centre.

Alf Kain, AWU, Edgar Williams, Neal Kane

Nic Bos discusses the issue of street marches.

George Georges, protest, Tom Burns

Nic Bos discusses unrest amongst ALP members and the conservatism of the ALP in Queensland. 

1974 election, conservatism

Nic Bos claims the ALP reformers were those with university degrees and discusses his move to ALP State Secretary.

Gerry Jones, Ron McAuliffe

Nic Bos discusses the role of Peter Beattie Denis Murphy and Bill Hayden in the push for ALP intervention.

Bill Hayden, Denis Murphy, factions, Peter Beattie

Nic Bos discusses the role of the ALP Rockhampton Conference in intervention.


Nic Bos recalls the legal opinion of Cedric Hampson who claimed that the Queensland ALP originated from the Barcaldine shearers' strike.

Clem Jones, Shearers dispute, Tom Burns

Nic Bos discusses events after the ALP intervention.

Denis Murphy, Ed Casey, Ron McLean, Tom Burns

Nic Bos discusses the ALP factions after intervention.

factions, Trades and Labor Council

Nic Bos reflects on current federal politics.

Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott

Nic Bos discusses his involvement in the workplace health and safety area.

workplace safety

Interview ends