Symposium Part 3 Women

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Nov 03 2011
Lesley Clark, Robin Sullivan & Leigh Tabrett
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Danielle Miller introduces the session.


Lesley Clark discusses the importance of affirmative action to encourage more women members of parliament.

affirmative action, Lesley Clark, women

Robin Sullivan discusses her role as a woman in Queensland public service at a time of structural change.

Child Safety, Children and Young People's Commission, Education Department, merit based promotion, merit based selection, North Queensland, Robin Sullivan, schools, women

Leigh Tabrett discusses her role in the Queensland public service and the shifting attitude towards women she has experienced.

Arts, Education Department, equity, Leigh Tabrett, women

Joan Sheldon discusses her experience as a woman member of parliament.

Joan Sheldon, women

Lesley Clark discusses the role of mentoring.

Emily's List, Lesley Clark, mentoring, women

Session ends.