Stan Heilbron

Interviewed by
Rodney Sullivan and Robin Sullivan
Jun 21 2013
Stan Heilbron, 2013
Time Summary Keywords

Stan Heilbron reads a prepared statement covering his childhood and family background.

Communism, Federated Clerks Union, Gulliver Progress Association, Mt Isa

Stan Heilbron recalls the union positions he has held over the years particularly within the Federated Clerks Union. He discusses his decision to move to Townsville.

AWU, Federated Clerks Union, Mt Isa, Queensland Rail, Townsville

Stan Heilbron speaks about his father's union involvement.


Stan Heilbron discusses the reasons for his lack of participation in industrial struggles.

Federated Clerks Union, industrial disputes

Stan Heilbron explains how he came to join the Communist Party in the mid-1940s.

Communist Party, Eureka Youth League, Townsville

Stan Heilbron describes the work he did with the Communist Party. He also discusses his father's work in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Communist Party

Stan Heilbron explains why he chose to join the Communist Party rather than the Labor Party.

Communist Party, Mount Isa Mines, personal vilification

Stan Heilbron discusses how long he has been a member of the Community Party of Australia (CPA) and how the CPA operates in 2013.

Communist Party, SEARCH Foundation

Stan Heilbron speaks about the strength of the CPA in Townsville.

Bill Irvine, Communist Party, Townsville, Trades and Labor Council

Stan Heilbron describes his involvement in anti-Vietnam war marches and his arrest.

civil disobedience, Communist Party, protest, Townsville, Vietnam War

Stan Heilbron recalls his mentors in Townsville.

Bill Irvine, Communist Party, Frank Bishop, Hugh Fay, Townsville

Stan Heilbron describes his main work with the CPA. He mentions the awards he received for his work with the Parents and Citizens Association.

Communist Party, education, Gulliver Progress Association, housing, QCPCA, social justice

Stan Heilbron recalls the lack of interest in social issues within unions in Townsville.

social justice, Townsville, unions

Stan Heilbron describes the CPA involvement with Indigenous issues. He discusses Frank Bishop's trip to Darwin for a campaign and Eddie Mabo's involvement with the CPA.

AWU, Communist Party, Eddie Mabo, Frank Bishop, Indigenous issues

Stan Heilbron discusses his contact with academics at James Cook University. He comments on the relationship between the Parents and Citizens Association and students.

academia, James Cook University, QCPCA, Stuart MacDonald, universities

Stan Heilbron describes his association with environmental issues. He explains his interest in public transport in Townsvillle.

environment issues, public transport, QCPCA, Townsville

Stan Heilbron comments on the decline in union membership.

AWU, declining union membership, Jack Mundey, social justice, unions

Stan Heilbron recalls hostility towards himself because of his CPA membership.

Communist Party, Gulliver Progress Association, personal vilification

Stan Heilbron discusses his relationship with CPA member and union representative Fred Thompson. He comments on Thompson's decision to join the Labor Party.

Fred Thompson, Townsville, women

Stan Heilbron discusses why the CPA collapsed and its global linkages.

Communist Party

Stan Heilbron comments on the competition between industrial and other union groups. He expands on the discrimination he received as a member of the CPA.

Communist Party, Federated Clerks Union, Gulliver Progress Association, housing, personal vilification

Stan Heilbron speaks about former Townsville mayor P.J.R. Tucker.

Percy Tucker, Townsville

Stan Heilbron recalls his most memorable achievement from his work in the Townsville community.

Communist Party, QCPCA, Townsville

Interview ends