Colin Hughes

Interviewed by
Roger Scott & Danielle Miller
Aug 10 2011
Colin Hughes
Time Summary Keywords
00:00:00 Colin Hughes discusses his family background and childhood in the United Kingdom and the Bahamas. He delves into the settlement and administration of the Bahamas.
00:06:27 Colin Hughes discusses his move to Washington during World War II. He relates how he completed his high school education in the United States and then undertook university studies. He discusses his father's career.
00:13:12 Colin Hughes discusses his education and career development. He completed a PhD and qualified as a barrister.
00:17:57 Colin Hughes discusses the Australian connections he developed while living in London. He reflects on the development of political science at the University of Queensland. He relates how he left to work at the University of Queensland in May 1956 after practicing as a barrister in the Bahamas.
00:22:09 Colin Hughes discusses the formation of his political views and his first impressions of Queensland politics. He delves into the politics of the Queensland Labor Party in the lead up to the 1957 split. 1956 election, Vincent Gair
00:26:04 Colin Hughes discusses his career, moving from the University of Queensland back to the Bahamas. He then took up an academic position in Canberra. He discusses the development of political science as a discipline in Australia and globally. political science
00:34:04 Colin Hughes discusses the development of political science and the connection between political science and political practitioners in Australia. political science
00:39:48 Colin Hughes discusses his return to the University of Queensland and the development of political science. political science
00:48:48 Colin Hughes discusses returning to Queensland during the Nicklin years. He discusses internal division in the Queensland Labor Party. Francis Nicklin, Frank Green, Jack Duggan, Jack Pizzey, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Nicklin Government 1957-68, unions
00:54:10 Colin Hughes discusses accountability during the years of National Party dominance. Bjelke-Petersen Government 1968-87, corruption, E.G.Theodore, media, Nicklin Government 1957-68, Randolph Bedford
00:57:47 Colin Hughes discusses the introduction of an ombudsman and the state of the Labor Party after the split. He comments on management of Queensland elections before the EARC reforms. EARC
01:03:02 Colin Hughes discusses his interest in electoral studies. He discusses his own interest in running for a by-election in the Bahamas.
01:09:26 Colin Hughes explains his involvement in the study of elections in Australia and in developing countries. He discusses efforts to reform the Queensland electoral system. Charles Porter, Denis Murphy, Education Department, electoral redistribution, Ginger Group
01:18:12 Colin Hughes discusses his appointment as the first commissioner of the AEC. He also provides a brief history of the Australian electoral system. electoral redistribution
01:27:05 Colin Hughes discusses his transition from Australian Electoral Commissoner back to Queensland. He discusses his appointment to EARC. EARC, Rob Borbidge, Russell Cooper, University of Queensland
01:34:14 Colin Hughes discusses his appointment to EARC and a chair at the University of Queensland. EARC, University of Queensland
01:35:20 Colin Hughes discusses his move to Queensland and EARC. EARC, Tom Sherman
01:37:32 Colin Hughes discusses Tom Sherman's leadership of EARC and the Commission's terms of reference. David Solomon, EARC, Fitzgerald Inquiry, Tom Sherman
01:40:32 Colin Hughes outlines the relationship between EARC and the executive and parliament. EARC
01:41:08 Colin Hughes reflects on the decision to disband EARC. He also talks about the importance of the Fitzgerald Inquiry in guiding EARC's work. EARC, Fitzgerald Inquiry
01:42:55 Colin Hughes tells of the lack of political interference in the Commission's work. He discusses the different trajectories of EARC and the CJC. Criminal Justice Commission, EARC, Tom Sherman, Tony Fitzgerald
01:47:10 Colin Hughes reflects on the current state of Queensland politics. He compares the state of Queensland politics to Australian and Anglo-Saxon politics. Joh Bjelke-Petersen
01:49:41 Colin Hughes looks back on his career and Queensland politics. J.D. Storey, Jack Duggan, Public Service Board
01:54:46 Colin Hughes discusses his achievements. He argues that EARC has had lasting positive impacts on Queensland. EARC
01:57:01 Colin Hughes discusses his optimism in 1989 and the links between his academic career and time at EARC. EARC
01:58:53 Colin Hughes discusses the internal practices of political parties. EARC
02:00:17 Interview ends.