Howard Guille

Interviewed by
Danielle Miller, Roger Scott and Ann Scott
Feb 05 2013
Howard Guille
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Howard Guille discusses his childhood in the 1950s in northern England. He speaks about his family background of coal mining and domestic service.


Howard Guille describes his early employment after leaving school at 15. He mentions his early union involvement in the industrial agricultural industry in Guernsey, England, in the mid-1960s.

unions, work experience

Howard Guille discusses his early teaching experience and his move to New Zealand to take a position as an Economics Lecturer. He speaks about his involvement with unions in New Zealand which lead to his move to Australia in 1976 to take a position with the North Brisbane Centre for Adult Education.

adult education, education, New Zealand, unions

Howard Guille describes his initial impressions of the union movement in Brisbane. He compares the strength of the union movement in Brisbane with New Zealand.

Bernadette Callaghan, Brisbane, New Zealand, Ray Dempsey, Rene Veltmeyer, Trades and Labor Council, union militancy, unions

Howard Guille expands on the idea of union militancy as well as union relationships with political parties in the 1970s and 1980s. He outlines the formation of the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

union militancy, unions

Howard Guille discusses the North Brisbane CAE.


Howard Guille describes how he came to be State Secretary of the College Academics Union (CAU) in 1983. He speaks about union structures in TAFE and CAE.

academia, unions

Howard Guille discusses the different unions and structures which covered academics at Universities and Colleges in Queensland.

academia, unions, universities

Howards Guille discusses his experience teaching about industrial relations in the CAE. He discusses the types of students.


Howard Guille describes the amalgamation of the CAEs in 1981. He discusses how this affected the CAEs and how the CAU became involved.

education reform, Peter Botsman, unions

Howard Guille discusses the CAU's affiliation with the Labor Council. He also discusses the CAU's high representation of women.

equity, peak bodies, Trades and Labor Council, women

Howard Guille describes the advantages of a federal union affiliation over a state union affiliation for higher education.


Howard Guille talks about the changes to unionism in 1989. He explains the emergence of federal amalgamation talks between academic unions.

ACTU, Dawkins reforms, Diane Zetlin, union amalgamation

Howard Guille further discusses the federal amalgamation of academic unions which occurred in 1993.

Dawkins reforms, education, Federated Clerks Union, Miscellaneous Workers Union, NTEU, Public Sector Union, union amalgamation

Howard Guille discusses the effect of diverse working conditions between the different tertiary institutions.

Griffith University, union amalgamation

Howard Guille discusses the tension between more academic and more trade based universities with references to the Darling Downs University and the University of Queensland.

NTEU, union amalgamation, universities, University of Queensland, University of Southern Queensland

Howard Guille describes the various amalgamation proposals in Queensland.

Peter Botsman, union amalgamation, union membership, universities

Howard Guille outlines how he came to take the position of Queensland State Secretary for the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) which he held from 1993 to 2006 in a part time capacity.

David Hinchliffe, NTEU, SEQEB dispute, Trades and Labor Council

Howard Guille discusses the issues associated with negotiating with universities as corporate entities. He comments on the impact of the Dawkins changes on universities.

Dawkins reforms, NTEU, universities

Howard Guille speaks about the ways that enterprise bargaining changed the NTEU. He explains why the NTEU voted against it.

enterprise bargaining, NTEU

Howard Guille comments on NTEU involvement in the Indigenous Rights Stolen Wages campaign.

Bligh Government 2007-12, Indigenous issues, NTEU, stolen wages, union campaigns

Howard Guille discusses his reasons for becoming involved with the Papua New Guinea national wage case in 2000. He describes his role and the changes he helped to implement.

ACTU, John Pasca, Papua New Guinea, pay dispute

Howard Guille speaks about the difficulties in monitoring progress in Papua New Guinea.

ACTU, corruption, Papua New Guinea

Howard Guille describes his best memories from his union career. Including his time with the NTEU between 1996 and 2004, as well as the accord period from 1988-92.

NTEU, sugar, Townsville, Trades and Labor Council

Howard Guille comments on his regrets from his union career.

Bond University, Howard Government 1996-2007, University of the Sunshine Coast, Work Choices

Interview ends