Rob Stable

Interviewed by
Peter Spearritt
Jan 17 2012
Rob Stable
Time Summary Keywords

Rob Stable outlines his early childhood, education and his family background that led him into the medical profession.


Rob Stable describes his experiences studying medicine at the University of Queensland in the 1970s. He details his move from university to working at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.


Rob Stable discusses his early years as a doctor working at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Charleville, Port Augusta, Kingaroy and Nambour.


Rob Stable discusses his early exposure to medical administration. He discusses his experience working as superintendent of emergency at Nambour hospital.


Rob Stable discusses the senior public service appointments to health in the 1980s and how this changed through the 1990s with more medical practitioners receiving these roles. He discusses the appointments prior to him becoming director general.

Goss Government 1989-96, health, Health Department

Rob Stable discusses his appointment as director general and the political context of the time with the Mundingburra by-election.

Borbidge Government 1996-98, Goss Government 1989-96, Mike Horan, Mundingburra by-election 1996, Peter Beattie

Rob Stable discusses his relationship with Peter Beattie in the health portfolio. He discusses his own approach to leadership and management.

Health Department, leadership, Peter Beattie, relationship with ministers

Rob Stable discusses the history of health reform and medical training in Australia. He details the challenges of complexity to health with the growing number of special fields in health and increased technology.

health, medical training

Rob Stable discusses the role of nurses.

health, nursing

Rob Stable discusses his experiences with various unions in his time as director general.

directors general, Health Department, unions

Rob Stable details his approach to senior staff appointments and his relationship with his staff. He notes his relationship with other directors general.

directors general, Gerard Bradley

Rob Stable discusses the planning that went into health and how this translated into dispersing funds across Queensland. He details the challenges of funding Indigenous health in remote areas. He details the capital works programs in the Goss and Borbidge governments to rebuild hospitals.

Borbidge Government 1996-98, Goss Government 1989-96, Health Department, hospitals, Indigenous issues, Mike Horan

Rob Stable discusses the political challenges of moving hospitals. He notes the importance of providing appropriate services to each location. He discusses private hospitals and public-private hospital co-location. He describes the Robina hospital in its public and private capacities.


Rob Stable reflects upon the history of public health care in Australia and the Queensland commitment to free hospitals. He discusses Queensland's approach to dental programs.

Borbidge Government 1996-98, health, hospitals

Rob Stable discusses the rapid technological changes in the health system.

health, technology

Rob Stable describes his achievments while he was director general, including having cohesion in the department and maintaining the health of Queenslanders across the state.

health, Health Department

Rob Stable describes medical staffing issues as one of his primary regrets while director general. He notes his regret at not getting the health budget higher.

budget process, Health Department

Rob Stable discusses the complexities within health budgets.

budget process, Health Department

Interview ends