Sue Yarrow

Interviewed by
Danielle Miller
Oct 25 2010
Sue Yarrow
Time Summary Keywords
00:00:00 Sue Yarrow outlines her family background, early education, employment, religious beliefs and political ideology.
00:03:53 Sue Yarrow recalls US President Johnson's visit to Brisbane and outlines her reasons for joining the Labor Party in 1968 and her interest in the women's movement, civil liberties and environmental issues. women, Women's Electoral Lobby
00:06:03 Sue Yarrow describes the culture of the Labor Party during her early period of membership. Jack Egerton, sexism
00:07:47 Sue Yarrow describes how new members were welcomed to the party and the pledge to a socialist future. She explains how the Labor Party was very unresponsive to women's issues at this time. women, Women's Electoral Lobby
00:10:48 Sue Yarrow discusses the 1957 Labor Party spilt and argues that the Queensland Labor Party showed caution regarding new members. Jack Egerton
00:12:10 Sue Yarrow outlines the participation by individual branch members. She recalls how she was able to get support throughout the levels of the party for disability access at Oxley Railway Station. She comments on key women in the Labor Party. Barbara Cross, disability, Jean Howie, Joy Guyatt, Vi Jordan, women
00:15:06 Sue Yarrow explains the role that individual members, unions and businesses had in raising funds for the Labor Party.
00:17:42 Sue Yarrow discusses other organisations that worked with the Labor Party. unions
00:19:43 Sue Yarrow discusses the governance structures of the Labor Party prior to the intervention with emphasis on the role of the secretary and the role of conferences in developing policy direction. She notes how ideas and people were sidelined and describes some of the difficulties in implementing change. Harry Hauenschild, Jack Egerton, Tom Burns, women
00:23:41 Sue Yarrow describes reform within the Labor Party and describes the internal and external pressures on the Labor Party to change. Bjelke-Petersen Government 1968-87, homosexuality, right to march
00:27:00 Sue Yarrow describes the federal intervention, the Old Guard and the opposition to change. Bill Hayden, Denis Murphy, homosexuality
00:30:37 Sue Yarrow outlines the push for reform and where it started. She notes the key players – Denis Murphy, Manfred Cross, George Georges, Wilf Ardill and Mike Reynolds and explains the events that led to the National Executive directing the Old Guard to share power. Denis Murphy, George Georges, Manfred Cross, Mike Reynolds, Wilf Ardill
00:33:13 Sue Yarrow recalls how the Old Guard did not share power as directed by the Executive and this led to the intervention. She describes the difficulties in becoming a delegate to the Labor Party conferences. abortion, Joe Harris, Joy Guyatt, women
00:38:00 Sue Yarrow outlines the key events, after the Rockhampton conference, that led to the federal intervention in the Queensland Labor Party in March 1980. George Georges, Joe Harris, Peter Beattie
00:39:51 Sue Yarrow describes the structural changes to the Labor Party following the intervention, setting up the administrative committee and affirmative action for women. She discusses the effectiveness of the Labor Party in adapting to a more relevant agenda and comments on the support offered by the AWU. affirmative action
00:43:15 Sue Yarrow discusses the role of unions in pushing for change in the Queensland Labor Party and names some of the people who were fundamental in supporting the intervention. Denis Murphy, George Georges, Joe Harris, Wilf Ardill
00:47:25 Sue Yarrow discusses the role of the centre group within the Queensland branch in relation to the Whitlam Government. Bill Hayden, Whitlam Government 1972-75
00:48:13 Sue Yarrow discusses the Administrative Committee imposed on the Labor Party by the National Executive. affirmative action
00:49:28 Sue Yarrow outlines the perceptions of federal intervention in the Labor Party and recalls some individual reactions. She discusses the future of the Labor Party and the need for further reform. Joe Harris
00:53:17 Sue Yarrow discusses the changes to factions following the federal intervention into the Queensland Labor Party. factions, George Georges
00:56:11 Sue Yarrow describes the role of the left faction and comments on the role of the media. Environment, factions, media
00:59:02 Sue Yarrow outlines the role of unions with regards to faction success and comments on the role and membership of factions. factions
01:03:26 Sue Yarrow discusses power within the Labor Party, the role of the party president and the influences and role of the parliamentary party. Vincent Gair
01:06:15 Sue Yarrow reflects on whether she would do anything differently with hindsight.
01:07:10 Sue Yarrow comments on reforms to the Labor Party and describes the importance of good ideas in governance and policy.
01:09:37 Interview ends.