Family Services

Public servant Frank Peach reflects on his diverse career as Director General of several departments including Education, Corrective Services and Families. He comments on the role of government and the public service in developing and implementing  policy, highlighting the frustrations incurred due to a persistent tension between limited resources and increasing demand for social services.
Frank Peach
Ken Smith worked in the Queensland public service over the twenty-year period of intense professionalisation – starting in the Goss years, dismissed in the Borbidge years, and returning to serve Beattie and Bligh. His key contributions have been in delivering better family services and stimulating different policy perspectives in education.
Ken Smith
National Party member Craig Sherrin talks about a career in politics and the public service which spans the Bjelke-Petersen and Bligh governments. He focuses on his passion for education both in and out of government, and provides insights into political campaigning in Queensland during the 1980s.
Craig Sherrin
Labor Party politician Anne Warner was Minister for Family Services and Aboriginal and Islander Affairs 1989-95. Throughout her political career she encouraged policy change in social justice areas, including child protection, juvenile justice, domestic violence and Aboriginal affairs.
Anne Warner
Labor Party member Judy Spence discusses her extensive experience as a Minister in the Beattie and Bligh governments and outlines her contributions to Queensland politics in a range of areas including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy, Police and Corrective Services and social services.
Judy Spence
Ruth Matchett was Director General of the Queensland Department of Family Services and Aboriginal and Islander Affairs 1990-95, during a time of unprecedented legislative change in that policy area, including child protection, domestic violence, disability services, ageing and land rights.
Ruth Matchett
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