Linda Apelt

Interviewed by
Robin Sullivan & Maree Stanley
Jun 20 2012
Linda Apelt
Time Summary Keywords

Linda Apelt discusses growing up in far North Queensland, her education and the scholarship which enabled her to go to Teachers College in Brisbane.

North Queensland, Ravenshoe

Linda Apelt describes her teaching career over 10 years, before moving into policy roles, especially with National Policy for the Education of Girls. She describes the challenges working with State and Commonwealth governments.

education, education reform, Lyndsay Connors, school teacher, schools, Susan Ryan

Linda Apelt discusses the skills she developed in working in the public service, and comments on the structure of the public service and the importance of understanding the roles and responsibilites of government and the public service.

Joh Bjelke-Petersen, policy development

Linda Apelt reflects on her early career days in the public service and the nature of the relationship between the public service and politicians. She comments on the changes to the relationship between the two.

Dick Warry, George Berkeley, Ian Matheson

Linda Apelt discusses her move from the Department of Education to the Department of Housing, Local Government and Planning and the Rental and Community Housing Division.

community housing, Education Department, Housing Department

Linda Apelt comments on the skills required of a Director General.

directors general

Linda Apelt discusses the different aspects of the Housing portfolio including, asset management, policy and the importance of keeping the 'business running' in order to support social service objectives and outcomes.

housing, Housing Department

Linda Apelt discusses becoming the first woman to be Director General for the Department of Housing.

Housing Department, Ken Smith, Peter Beattie, Robert Schwarten, women

Linda Apelt comments on her working relationship with Robert Schwarten and some of the challenges that arose during his time as minister.

Housing Department, relationship with ministers, Robert Schwarten

Linda Apelt outlines the role of the public service, the community and politicians in identifying policy initiatives and developing housing policy.

housing, Robert Schwarten

Linda Apelt discusses the role of lobby groups in developing policy and the interaction between the various lobby groups.

community housing, community organisations, Fred Morris, housing, Merrilyn Rowler, QCOSS, Queensland Shelter

Linda Apelt discusses the interaction between local government and State government and talks about the development of the Brisbane Housing Company.

housing, Housing Department

Linda Apelt describes the tensions between the Federal and State Government, and the National Housing Policy during the Rudd era which led to the National Rental Affordability Scheme and support for companies such as the Brisbane Housing Company.

housing, John Howard, Rudd Government 2007-10

Linda Apelt discusses becoming Director General of Disability Services and the leadership style of Minister for Disabilities, Warren Pitt.

Communities Department, disability services, leadership, Peter Beattie, Warren Pitt

Linda Apelt discusses some of the budgeting challenges within the social service portfolio and the process of priority setting and resource allocation.

Community Cabinets, community organisations, disability, disability services, Warren Pitt

Linda Apelt discusses budget constraints within the community sector and the difficulties of prioritising much needed funds.

budget process, disability services

Linda Apelt outlines the relationship between the State and Federal governments, comparing the disability portfolio with housing.

disability, John Howard, Smart State

Linda Apelt discusses the Government Champion’s Program.

Indigenous issues, Mal Grierson, Palm Island

Linda Apelt discusses her appointment as Director General of the Department of Communities. She describes the impact of 'No Wrong Door' on the community services sector and the challenges of change management.

Communities Department, Ken Smith, Super Departments

Linda Apelt discusses the structure of the Department of Communities and the challenges of working with four ministers as part of a 'super department' and the role of middle and junior public servants.

Ann Downing, Bette Kill, Communities Department, ministerial staff, Super Departments, Tony Hayes

Linda Apelt discusses the increasing role of ministerial advisors and the relationship between the public service and the government.

ministerial advisers

Linda Apelt comments on the role of Premier and Cabinet in the development of policy.

Cabinet, policy development, Premier's Department

Linda Apelt discusses the establishment of the Remote Area Housing, Land and Infrastructure program in Cairns and comments on the skill requirements of a Director General.

directors general, housing, Indigenous issues

Interview ends.