Public servant Rob Stable was Director General of Health 1996-2004 in the Queensland public service following a career as a doctor and hospital manager. He worked with health ministers Peter Beattie, Rob Borbidge, Mike Horan and Wendy Edmond.

Rob Stable
Labor politician Jim Elder entered parliament in 1989 and served as a minister in the Goss Government. He became Deputy Premier when the Labor Party returned to power in 1998.
Jim Elder
National Party member Mike Horan served as Health Minister in the Borbidge Government 1996-98, and was leader of the National Party from 2001-03. He influenced significant health reform in the state.
Mike Horan
Llew Edwards was leader of the Queensland Liberal Party and Deputy Premier in the Bjelke-Petersen Government (1978-83), Queensland Treasurer (1978-83), Queensland Minister for Health (1974-78) before retiring in 1983. He was appointed the Executive Chair of the World Expo '88 Committee.
Llew Edwards
Labor politician Peter Beattie discusses his career in politics, beginning as Labor Party Secretary, and ending with an almost decade-long stint as Queensland Premier, 1998-2007. He focuses on his agenda to modernise and reform Queensland's government and economy through the Smart State policy and a committment to equal opportunity initiatives.
Peter Beattie
In 1987 Mike Ahern successfully challenged Joh Bjelke-Petersen to become leader of the National Party and Premier of Queensland. He reflects on the reforms following the Fitzgerald Inquiry into corruption, the role of parliamentary committees and the impact of technology on state development.
Mike Ahern
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