Terry Mackenroth

Interviewed by
Roger Scott & Danielle Miller
Nov 16 2010
Terry Mackenroth
Time Summary Keywords
00:00:09 Terry Mackenroth recalls his early history, from his decision at age 13 to enter politics, to leaving school and starting work in the metal industry at 15 and joining the Labor Party at 18. After opening his own business at 20 he was elected to parliament at age 28.
00:01:11 Terry Mackenroth outlines his first, unsuccessful election attempt in 1974 and his second, successful attempt in 1977 in the context of the Bjelke-Petersen Government's manipulation of electoral boundaries. 1974 election, 1977 election, Bjelke-Petersen Government 1968-87, gerrymander, Kevin Hooper, Tom Burns
00:03:01 Terry Mackenroth discusses entering politics during the Bjelke-Petersen era, and his concern with the government's obvious excesses and corruptions. He describes the constant changes of Labor leadership during this period. Bellevue Hotel, Bjelke-Petersen Government 1968-87, corruption, Frank Luton
00:06:03 Terry Mackenroth notes Labor's misplaced confidence leading up to the 1986 election, and taking up the Shadow Police portfolio. 1986 election, Bjelke-Petersen Government 1968-87, Police
00:08:18 Terry Mackenroth describes Labor's return to power in 1989 and his early work as Minister for Police, including the implementation of the recommendations of the Fitzgerald Report, and reforms to Emergency Services. 1989 election, corruption, Emergency Services, Fitzgerald Inquiry, Goss Government 1989-96, Police
00:12:43 Terry Mackenroth outlines his difficult relationship with the Police Commissioner, and the appointment of the Emergency Services CEO. Criminal Justice Commission, Emergency Services, Fitzgerald Inquiry, Howard Baker, Max Bingham, Noel Newnham, Police, Police Commissioner
00:17:18 Terry Mackenroth describes the hiring practices under the Goss Government, and reflects on his difficulties with the Police Commissioner. Goss Government 1989-96, Noel Newnham, Police, Police Commissioner, Richard Chesterman
00:19:22 Terry Mackenroth discusses resigning as Police Minister in 1991 following a CJC inquiry, and his return to the cabinet after the next election. 1992 election, Criminal Justice Commission, Goss Government 1989-96, Max Bingham, Police, Wayne Goss
00:22:55 Terry Mackenroth describes becoming the Minister for Housing and Local Government after the 1992 election, and reforming local government and planning legislation. 1992 election, Dick Persson, Goss Government 1989-96, housing, Ken Smith, Local Government Department
00:26:33 Terry Mackenroth discusses the role of factions in the appointment of the cabinet during the Goss Government. Bob Gibbs, factions, Goss Government 1989-96
00:27:42 Terry Mackenroth describes the incoming Borbidge Government, including the ramifications of the capital works freeze, and the replacement of the public servants with Bjelke-Petersen era stalwarts. Bjelke-Petersen Government 1968-87, Borbidge Government 1996-98, Capital Works, Hit List, Ken Smith, Kevin Newberry
00:30:47 Terry Mackenroth describes the Labor Government's return to power in 1998 and his relationship with Peter Beattie. Beattie Government 1998-2007, One Nation, Peter Beattie, Peter Wellington
00:33:25 Terry Mackenroth discusses his roles in the Beattie Government, including overseeing the new Information Technology portfolio. Beattie Government 1998-2007, Communication, IT, Kevin Newberry, Local Government Department, One Nation, regions
00:35:36 Terry Mackenroth discusses becoming the Deputy Premier and Treasurer in the Beattie Government, and the Y2K scare. Beattie Government 1998-2007, Cabinet Budget Review Committee, David Hamill, Treasury, Y2K
00:40:58 Terry Mackenroth discusses the 'Just Vote 1' policy that he developed to combat One Nation. Beattie Government 1998-2007, One Nation
00:42:07 Terry Mackenroth reflects on the people who have influenced him politically. Beattie Government 1998-2007, Cabinet Budget Review Committee, Garry Hannigan, Goss Government 1989-96, Libby Callister, Police, Scott Favell
00:46:40 Terry Mackenroth discusses the Shepherdson Inquiry, its impact on the Beattie Government, his rise to the Deputy Premiership and the threat of One Nation. Beattie Government 1998-2007, Jim Elder, Mike Kaiser, One Nation, Peter Beattie, Shepherdson Inquiry
00:50:10 Terry Mackenroth discusses his time as Treasurer, including a review of government charges, and increasing funding to social causes, health and education. Beattie Government 1998-2007, disability services, education, health, taxation, Treasury
00:55:05 Terry Mackenroth details the funding of the Smart State initiative and changing the way budget priorities were negotiated. Beattie Government 1998-2007, budget process, Smart State, Treasury
00:58:09 Terry Mackenroth discusses the development of regional and infrastructure plans in 2004-05, and the innovation of long-term infrastructure planning and funding. Beattie Government 1998-2007, infrastructure, Local Government Department, SEQ 2001, SEQ 2020, Treasury
01:06:55 Terry Mackenroth discusses his decision to retire from politics in 2005, and his lack of desire to contest the leadership of the party. Beattie Government 1998-2007, Goss Government 1989-96, leadership
01:09:44 Terry Mackenroth reflects on the disappointments of his career, his goals and his regrets. Peter Beattie
01:11:17 Interview ends.