Joan Sheldon

Interviewed by
Robin Sullivan
Aug 26 2010
Joan Sheldon
Time Summary Keywords
00:00:00 Joan Sheldon discusses her childhood in Clayfield and schooling with the Brigidine nuns, first at St Bernadette's and then at Soubirous. She recalls how she enjoyed school and also studied speech, drama and singing, and her decision to study physiotherapy. She discusses career options then and now.
00:03:35 Joan Sheldon notes the influence of her family and early years on her political views. She relates how the Whitlam years spurred her to join the Liberal Party. Vincent Gair, Whitlam Government 1972-75
00:06:19 Joan Sheldon discusses her rise through the Liberal Party and involvement with the party's state executive. She relates how she ran for the BCC on two weeks notice and lost by one vote, and her decision to stand for a state seat when Mike Ahern stood down. She discusses the opponents she faced in the by-election. Australian Democrats, Brisbane, Brisbane City Council, Francis Nicklin, gun laws, Mike Ahern, Rona Joyner, Sallyanne Atkinson
00:10:27 Joan Sheldon describes her campaign experiences and how the committee from the Chamber of Commerce formed the core of her campaign team.  1998 election, campaign strategy, gun laws, Mike Ahern, One Nation
00:16:48 Joan Sheldon discusses the 1992 electoral redistribution and her decision to continue as the member for Caloundra. electoral redistribution, Mike Ahern
00:17:45 Joan Sheldon relates her early experiences as a Member of Parliament and the lack of induction processes. She describes how she was immediately appointed to the shadow ministry. She recalls support she received from the medical fraternity and the lack of access to the public service. Aboriginal and Islander Affairs, Denver Beanland, Family Services, Health Department, induction, relationship with public service
00:19:38 Joan Sheldon outlines her commitment to her shadow portfolios, in particular her determination to listen to the experiences of Aboriginal women. Health Department, Ian Macdonald, Indigenous issues
00:20:31 Joan Sheldon describes her efforts to support Aboriginal women. Brisbane, Indigenous issues, Murrandoo Yanner, sexual abuse
00:25:15 Joan Sheldon discusses her commitment to the arts. Arts, Treasury
00:27:02 Joan Sheldon describes her role in the establishment of GOMA and improvements to the arts precinct. She states that her efforts were largely supported by the Borbidge Government. Art Gallery, Arts, GOMA, Matt Foley
00:31:14 Joan Sheldon discusses the difficulties she faced when establishing the Office for Women and her efforts to promote gender equality more generally, particularly on boards. equity, media, Meredith Jackson, Office for Women, Rob Borbidge, women
00:34:07 Joan Sheldon describes the main sources of revenue during her time as Treasurer and explains the origins of the petrol subsidy. Anna Bligh, taxation, tobacco tax, Treasury
00:37:48 Joan Sheldon discusses the balance between infrastructure and human services costs. Cabinet Budget Review Committee, health, hospitals, Peter Beattie
00:41:08 Joan Sheldon discusses education funding and the importance of education. She states her views on privatisation in the context of the debate surrounding the privatisation of school cleaners. She discusses the devolution of power to schools and principals. Bob Quinn, education, education reform, infrastructure, private schools, privatisation, Suncorp Metway
00:44:41 Joan Sheldon outlines the debate surrounding the privatisation of Suncorp, QIDC and Metway Bank. She discusses the controversy surrounding the government decision to buy Metway so it could become part of a package with Suncorp. Doug McTaggart, Keith De Lacy, Mark Gray, privatisation, QIDC, Suncorp Metway, Tony Bellas, Wayne Goss
00:49:18 Joan Sheldon outlines her approach to staffing and the politicisation of the public service. Doug McTaggart, Leo Hielscher, Queensland Treasury Corporation, Treasury
00:52:58 Joan Sheldon describes federal-state relations during the Borbidge years. She comments that while there were advantages to dealing with a coalition federal government there was still conflict. COAG, Peter Costello, superannuation legislation
00:56:05 Joan Sheldon discusses Queensland's status as a low tax state. She outlines her views on asset sales, with specific reference to electricity, water and airports. death duties, economic rationalism, Gold Coast Motorway, hospitals, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Suncorp Metway, taxation
00:59:28 Joan Sheldon outlines her commitment to maintaining regional services. Goss Government 1989-96, regions
01:00:46 Joan Sheldon describes the challenges she faced as a woman in the Liberal Party. women
01:02:11 Joan Sheldon outlines her support for the decriminalisation of homosexuality. Denver Beanland, homosexuality
01:03:49 Joan Sheldon claims her greatest achievements as the building of basic infrastructure while balancing the budget with low levels of debt. She discusses the promotion of women and the rise and fall of One Nation. One Nation, Pauline Hanson, racism, women
01:06:52 Joan Sheldon discusses the animosity between the Liberal and National parties and importance of reforming the coalition. Coalition, Rob Borbidge, Russell Cooper
01:07:43 Interview ends.