Aboriginal and Islander Affairs

Joan Sheldon - 00:17:45

Joan Sheldon
Joan Sheldon relates her early experiences as a Member of Parliament and the lack of induction processes. She describes how she was immediately appointed to the shadow ministry. She recalls support she received from the medical fraternity and the lack of access to the public service.

Ross Rolfe - 00:05:40

Ross Rolfe
Ross Rolfe comments that he studied history at the University of Queensland and then joined the graduate program of the Commonwealth Public Service in Canberra in the federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs. When the Queensland government changed in 1990 he moved to the equivalent department in Queensland, the Department of Family Services and Aboriginal and Islander Affairs.

Ruth Matchett - 00:41:26

Ruth Matchett
Ruth Matchett comments that the Department of Family Services and Aboriginal and Islander Affairs was one of the larger ones (about 4000 staff) with several operations run 24 hours a day including, juvenile corrections facilities and services for people with intellectual disabilities. She discusses working with church and not-for-profit organisations to deliver services. She describes the long tradition of working with government and non-government agencies, and the value of community organisations bringing their own values and processes to the system.
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