Errol Hodder

Interviewed by
Sue Yarrow
Apr 02 2013
Errol Hodder
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Sue Yarrow introduces Errol Hodder, noting some of his political and industrial involvement.


Errol Hodder outlines his early history, commencing in the workforce in Brisbane and then moving to Roma where he worked in the shearing industry and joined the AWU at age 16.

AWU, Roma, Shearers dispute

Errol Hodder discusses the 1956 national Shearer's Strike and the Roma AWU organiser Bert Williamson and Stan Treacy. He notes he was one of the youngest of the AWU strikers and remembers that the AWU held their union meetings on Sundays when Hodder needed a special dispensation so he could play rugby league for the Roma team. 

AWU, Bert Williamson, Roma, Shearers dispute, Stan Treacy

Errol Hodder talks about his duties as a union official in Roma in 1969 including working across a large geographical area with a diverse membership.

AWU, Bert Williamson, Roma, union positions, Western Queensland

Errol Hodder discusses the 1956 Shearers Strike and the levy for strike relief.

AWU, Cecil Williams, Shearers dispute, strikes

Errol Hodder discusses his relationship with the membership and the importance of training and development for officials in industrial matters.

AWU, Mount Isa Mines, union positions

Errol Hodder discusses the relationship between the AWU and the Trades Hall Group (THG) as they were in competition with each other, both politically and industrially.

AWU, Trades Hall Group

Errol Hodder remembers the withdrawal of the AWU from the ALP in Roma in 1961. He states that once he became the AWU Organiser he applied to re-join the ALP in 1971 and they accepted him.

AWU, Bert Williamson, Roma, Stan Treacy, union positions

Errol Hodder recalls meetings at the AWU office when he was Charleville Branch Secretary of the ALP. He recalls the overwhelming support in Mitchell for Gough Whitlam.

AWU, Gough Whitlam, Western Queensland

Errol Hodder discusses Bob Hawke at ACTU Congress meetings and his opinion of Paul Keating.

ACTU, Bob Hawke, Joe Riordan, Paul Keating

Errol Hodder discusses his move to Brisbane in 1981 and his ambition to be the next Branch Secretary of the AWU with support from John Black.

AWU, John Black, union positions

Errol Hodder discusses attending the 1979 Rockhampton ALP Conference as an AWU delegate and the role of Ernie Adsett.

AWU, Ernie Adsett, Rockhampton

Errol Hodder discusses the powerful role of the Branch Secretary in the AWU. He recalls comments by Edgar Williams about Bill Hayden's leadership.

AWU, Bill Hayden, Edgar Williams, leadership, union positions

Errol Hodder recalls his election to the position of Branch Secretary of the AWU in 1981 and discussions with Bill Ludwig.

AWU, Bill Ludwig, Edgar Williams, Roma

Errol Hodder explains the reasons for the delay in AWU affiliation with the ALP despite approaches from Neville Wran and David Combe.

AWU, David Combe, Neville Wran

Errol Hodder recalls strategic discussions with Edgar Williams regarding AWU reaffiliation with the ALP.

AWU, Edgar Williams, Harry Hauenschild, John Black

Errol Hodder discusses meetings with David Combe and Arthur Gietzelt regarding AWU affiliation and the splits in the ALP.

Arthur Gietzelt, AWU, Bob Hawke, Courier mail, David Combe, Edgar Williams, media, Peter Beattie

Errol Hodder recalls that he and Edgar Williams were offered two positions on the Interim Administrative Committee after the AWU came back into the ALP fold.

AWU, Bob Hawke, Edgar Williams

Errol Hodder discusses meeting with Neville Warburton regarding AWU support for his leadership and Hodder's election as Senior Vice-President of the ALP.

AWU, Neville Warburton

Errol Hodder discusses issues relating to uranium mining, the AWU award coverage of uranium miners and Nic Bos' and Terry Mellifont's opposition to the AWU on uranium. He points to long-standing political and industrial jealousies between the AWU and Trades Hall Unions.

AWU, Denis Murphy, Nic Bos, Terry Mellifont, unions, uranium mining

Errol Hodder recalls ALP faction splits.

Bill Hayden, Peter Beattie

Errol Hodder considers the ALP reformers and the role of factionalism.


Errol Hodder discusses Peter Beattie.

Bill Hayden, Kevin Hooper, Peter Beattie

Errol Hodder recalls discussions with John Black regarding the exchange of cooperative support between the Socialist Left  faction of the ALP and the AWU including support for Wayne Goss as leader and negotiations with Joy Ardill and Ian McLean.

Edgar Williams, Ian McLean, John Black, John Hogg, Joy Ardill, Wayne Goss

Errol Hodder discusses Wayne Goss as a candidate for ALP leadership.

leadership, Wayne Goss

Errol Hodder reflects on why it took so long for the ALP to win government in Queensland.

Bill D'Arcy, Bob Hawke, factions, leadership, Neville Warburton, Peter Beattie, Wayne Goss

Errol Hodder discusses Ed Casey, Keith Wright, Neville Warburton and Wayne Goss as potential leaders.

Ed Casey, Keith Wright, leadership, Neville Warburton, Wayne Goss

Errol Hodder discusses the influence of unions in preselection of candidates in the ALP.

Bob Hawke, factions, Kevin Rudd, unions

Errol Hodder remembers the 1979 Rockhampton Conference of the ALP.


Eroll Hodder discuss the impact of the Fitzgerald Inquiry, the gerrymander in Queensland and the political will for change in the electorate.


Interview ends