Keith De Lacy was Queensland Minister for Regional Development 1989-90 and Queensland Treasurer 1989-96 in the Goss Government, after having served in Opposition and working in a wide range of careers before entering politics. He reflects on his time as Queensland Treasurer and the reasons why people become involved in politics. He discusses the political landscapes he has come to understand, changes during and since his time as a politician, as well as his priorities since leaving state politics.

Keith De Lacy

The Queensland Speaks Symposium, held on 3 November 2011 at the University of Queensland, gathered together about 30 thinkers and practitioners involved in Queensland’s political history.

Part 2 The Pattern of Government Spending

In this session Peter Ellis and Ross Rolfe, two former directors general of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and Joan Sheldon, former Treasurer, speak about their experiences of government spending, including the major sources of expenditure, fiscal constraints and the perceptions of Treasury. Following presentations, discussion turns to the politicisation of the public service.

Note that due to the symposium format, on occasion part of a question or comment from the audience may be temporarily inaudible and that the audio has been recorded through a single microphone.

Peter Ellis & Joan Sheldon
Labor politician Terry Mackenroth discusses a career which began in Opposition during the Bjelke-Petersen era, and included ministries in both the Goss and Beattie governments. In 2000 he was Deputy Premier and in 2001 Treasurer, retiring in 2005. He discusses his reforms in planning and infrastructure, his commitment to social issues, and the threat posed by One Nation.
Terry Mackenroth
Liberal Party politician Joan Sheldon was leader of the Liberal Party in Queensland from 1991-98. In the Borbidge Government 1996-98 she was Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for the Arts. She reflects on her work as Treasurer and commitment to social equality.
Joan Sheldon
Llew Edwards was leader of the Queensland Liberal Party and Deputy Premier in the Bjelke-Petersen Government (1978-83), Queensland Treasurer (1978-83), Queensland Minister for Health (1974-78) before retiring in 1983. He was appointed the Executive Chair of the World Expo '88 Committee.
Llew Edwards
Public servant Gerard Bradley was appointed Under Treasurer in 1995-96, in the final year of the Goss Government. He was reappointed as head of Treasury in 1998 after the Beattie Government won office. He oversaw government corporatisation processes and a budgetary reform agenda during a period of high growth and economic diversification in Queensland.
Gerard Bradley
David Hamill was the Labor MLA for Ipswich from 1983 to 2001 and held a number of ministerial positions including Queensland Treasurer, Minister for Education, Minister for Transport and Minister Assisting the Premier on Economics and Trade.
David Hamill
Public servant Leo Hielscher reflect on his long career in the Treasury Department and in the Queensland Treasury Corporation, serving fifteen different treasurers.
Leo Hielscher
Labor politician Peter Beattie discusses his career in politics, beginning as Labor Party Secretary, and ending with an almost decade-long stint as Queensland Premier, 1998-2007. He focuses on his agenda to modernise and reform Queensland's government and economy through the Smart State policy and a committment to equal opportunity initiatives.
Peter Beattie
National Party politician Russell Cooper was Queensland Premier for 73 days in 1989 after successfully challenging Mike Ahern. As Minister for Corrective Services he brought about sweeping changes to prisons and oversaw gun reform.
Russell Cooper
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