Labor Party stalwart Terry Hampson (1935-2014) recalls his long history with the party, focusing on the events around the 1980 federal intervention in the state party. A founding member of the Socialist Left faction as well as a former party secretary, Hampson provides personal insights into the party and into political campaigning from the 1960s through to the 1990s.
Terry Hampson
Sue Yarrow joined the Labor Party in 1968, part of an influx of new members concerned that the party should be more broadly based and more responsive to issues affecting Queensland. She participated in the reform of the Queensland branch of the Labor Party following federal intervention in 1980 becoming the first organiser of the Socialist Left faction.
Sue Yarrow
Labor Party member and ministerial staffer Rob Whiddon was a central figure in pursuing the reform of the Queensland branch of the Labor Party and later served as Premier Peter Beattie's Chief of Staff. In this capacity he was involved with the implementation of the Smart State agenda.
Rob Whiddon
Ian McLean served as President of the Queensland branch of Labor Party  from 1984 to 1994. He reflects on the 1980 federal intervention in the Queensland branch of the Labor Party.
Ian McLean
Public servant Peter Ellis was a geologist working with the Environment, Industry and Mining Departments, before being appointed Director General of the Department of Premier and Cabinet and Coordinator General under the Borbidge Government 1996-98.
Peter Ellis
National Party member Martin Tenni was elected to state parliament in 1974 and served in the governments of Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Mike Ahern and Russell Cooper, and was Minister for Mines and Energy 1987-89 until he retired in 1989.
Martin Tenni
Labor politician Manfred Cross represented the seat of Brisbane in the federal parliament from 1961-75, and again from 1980-90. He was associated with the federal intervention into the Queensland Labor Party in 1980.
Manfred Cross
Llew Edwards was leader of the Queensland Liberal Party and Deputy Premier in the Bjelke-Petersen Government (1978-83), Queensland Treasurer (1978-83), Queensland Minister for Health (1974-78) before retiring in 1983. He was appointed the Executive Chair of the World Expo '88 Committee.
Llew Edwards
Bill Hayden, federal Labor Party leader (1977-83), discusses his experiences as a member of the Labor Party with particular reference to the 1980 intervention into the Queensland branch of the party.
Bill Hayden
Harry Hauenschild's (1933-2011) career spanned several fields – unionism, the Labor Party and the TAFE sector. He discusses the federal intervention in the Queensland Labor Party, the relationship between the state and commonwealth and the implementation of competency based apprenticeships and traineeships.
Harry Hauenschild
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