Labor politician Manfred Cross represented the seat of Brisbane in the federal parliament from 1961-75, and again from 1980-90. He was associated with the federal intervention into the Queensland Labor Party in 1980.
Manfred Cross
Llew Edwards was leader of the Queensland Liberal Party and Deputy Premier in the Bjelke-Petersen Government (1978-83), Queensland Treasurer (1978-83), Queensland Minister for Health (1974-78) before retiring in 1983. He was appointed the Executive Chair of the World Expo '88 Committee.
Llew Edwards
Bill Hayden, federal Labor Party leader (1977-83), discusses his experiences as a member of the Labor Party with particular reference to the 1980 intervention into the Queensland branch of the party.
Bill Hayden
Harry Hauenschild's (1933-2011) career spanned several fields – unionism, the Labor Party and the TAFE sector. He discusses the federal intervention in the Queensland Labor Party, the relationship between the state and commonwealth and the implementation of competency based apprenticeships and traineeships.
Harry Hauenschild
Public servant Clyde Gilmour was a long serving Director General of Education (1976-83) during the Bjelke-Petersen era and during this time was involved in the restructuring of technical training in Queensland.
Clyde Gilmour
Bill Hewitt was a Liberal Member of Parliament from 1966-83, first in the seat of Chatsworth and from 1977 in the seat of Greenslopes. He served as the Chair of Committees (1975-80), the Minister for Environment, Evaluation and Administrative Services (1980-83) and Minister for Welfare Services (1983).
Bill Hewitt
Labor politician Jim (Demetrios) Fouras discusses his long involvement with Queensland politics, beginning with his appointment to the shadow ministry in 1977, and ending with his retirement from the seat of Ashgrove in 2006. He focuses on his work for social justice, particularly during the Bjelke-Petersen years, his passionate belief in equality, and his personal experience as a migrant.
Jim Fouras
National Party member Craig Sherrin talks about a career in politics and the public service which spans the Bjelke-Petersen and Bligh governments. He focuses on his passion for education both in and out of government, and provides insights into political campaigning in Queensland during the 1980s.
Craig Sherrin
Long time public servant Erik Finger reflects on a career which began as an engineer in the Main Roads Department in 1961, and ended as the Head of the Premier's Department in 1994. He focuses particularly on the 1989 transition from long-term conservative government to new, reformist Labor government, and the changes wrought to the public service.
Erik Finger
Public servant Leo Hielscher reflect on his long career in the Treasury Department and in the Queensland Treasury Corporation, serving fifteen different treasurers.
Leo Hielscher
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