Queensland Independent MP Peter Wellington reflects on his time on the cross benches in Queensland. He focuses on the 1998 State election and the formation of the minority Beattie government. He emphasises the importance of community connections as the driving force behind his political career.

Peter Wellington

Liberal Party politician Bob Quinn served as the Queensland Minister for Education for the entirety of the Borbidge Government, 1996-98. He reflects on the challenges of minority government and his desire to reform education in Queensland. He was leader of the Queensland Liberal Party from 2001-06.

Bob Quinn

Paul Reynolds is a widely-published academic and political commentator on national and state politics with a career spanning over 30 years.

Paul Reynolds

Public servant Rob Stable was Director General of Health 1996-2004 in the Queensland public service following a career as a doctor and hospital manager. He worked with health ministers Peter Beattie, Rob Borbidge, Mike Horan and Wendy Edmond.

Rob Stable

Tony McGrady was the State Labor member for Mount Isa 1989-2006, following a four year term as Mayor of Mount Isa.  He was Minister for Resource Industries (1991-92), Energy (1992-96, 1998-2001), Mines (1998-2001), Police and Corrective Services (2001-04), Innovation and State Development (2004-05) and Speaker (2005-06). His mining background influenced a range of policy changes.

Tony McGrady

Diane Fingleton served as Chief Magistrate of the Queensland Magistrates Court from 1999-2003, though her time in the position was surrounded by controversy. Her career spans a range of legal and policy-related roles and she discusses the workings of politics and justice in Queensland.

Diane Fingleton
Labor politician and Speaker (2006-09) Mike Reynolds discusses the events leading up to the federal intervention in the Queensland Labor Party in 1980.
Mike Reynolds
Labor politician Tom Barton speaks about his career in the trade union movement and his election to the Queensland parliament in 1995, focusing on his commitment to development and his time as Minister for State Development in the second Beattie Government.
Tom Barton
Labor politician Terry Mackenroth discusses a career which began in Opposition during the Bjelke-Petersen era, and included ministries in both the Goss and Beattie governments. In 2000 he was Deputy Premier and in 2001 Treasurer, retiring in 2005. He discusses his reforms in planning and infrastructure, his commitment to social issues, and the threat posed by One Nation.
Terry Mackenroth
National Party member Lawrence Springborg entered parliament in 1989, he served in the Borbidge Government 1996-98 and played an integral role in the creation of the Liberal National Party.
Lawrence Springborg
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