David Hamill was the Labor MLA for Ipswich from 1983 to 2001 and held a number of ministerial positions including Queensland Treasurer, Minister for Education, Minister for Transport and Minister Assisting the Premier on Economics and Trade.
David Hamill
National Party member Craig Sherrin talks about a career in politics and the public service which spans the Bjelke-Petersen and Bligh governments. He focuses on his passion for education both in and out of government, and provides insights into political campaigning in Queensland during the 1980s.
Craig Sherrin
Labor Party politician Anne Warner was Minister for Family Services and Aboriginal and Islander Affairs 1989-95. Throughout her political career she encouraged policy change in social justice areas, including child protection, juvenile justice, domestic violence and Aboriginal affairs.
Anne Warner
Liberal Party member Rosemary Kyburz discusses her time in the Queensland state parliament 1974-83, her advocacy of women's issues and her commitment to education and environment.
Rosemary Kyburz
Labor politician Peter Beattie discusses his career in politics, beginning as Labor Party Secretary, and ending with an almost decade-long stint as Queensland Premier, 1998-2007. He focuses on his agenda to modernise and reform Queensland's government and economy through the Smart State policy and a committment to equal opportunity initiatives.
Peter Beattie
National Party politician Rob Borbidge discusses his rise through the party, his experiences of the Bjelke-Petersen and Goss Government eras and his time as the Premier of Queensland, 1996-98. He delves into Queensland's political culture and the One Nation Party.
Rob Borbidge
Labor Party Premier Wayne Goss (1951-2014) talks about his political career and leading the Queensland government from 1989-96. He addresses the challenges of winning office after 32 years in Opposition, the impacts of the Fitzgerald Inquiry into police corruption, and the challenges of political and public service reform.
Wayne Goss
National Party politician Russell Cooper was Queensland Premier for 73 days in 1989 after successfully challenging Mike Ahern. As Minister for Corrective Services he brought about sweeping changes to prisons and oversaw gun reform.
Russell Cooper
In 1987 Mike Ahern successfully challenged Joh Bjelke-Petersen to become leader of the National Party and Premier of Queensland. He reflects on the reforms following the Fitzgerald Inquiry into corruption, the role of parliamentary committees and the impact of technology on state development.
Mike Ahern
Labor Party member Judy Spence discusses her extensive experience as a Minister in the Beattie and Bligh governments and outlines her contributions to Queensland politics in a range of areas including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy, Police and Corrective Services and social services.
Judy Spence
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